2016 Wedding Season Favorites| NC Wedding Photographer

This is going to be a long one. 2016 was an unbelievable year! Personally and in my business life! We took Dawson to Disney for the first time this past year. While in Florida I got to work with some absolutely amazing vendors. I have been trying to recreate a styled shoot experience like the one I had with Nichole Young. The vintage rental vendors literally had all their stuff out in the yard of the venue like a yard sale! It was epic. They did what they do best and just picked from all the goodies they had and styled away. THERE WAS SO MUCH STUFF.

While in Florida I also worked with KT Crabtree photography in Sarasota (where I was born) at an unbelievably gorgeous floridian wedding. I mean, a First Look/Listen with a guitar where the bride and groom were back to back and the groom played a sweet little song. They turned and cried! Then read their beautiful vows. It was an awesome experience. 

All of my awesome travels! Florida, Holden beach, the NC Mountains, Atlanta, all over the state. 

Three amazing styled shoots! Two of which, I got use gorgeous Hayley Paige gowns from Hayden Olivia. At those styled shoots, I shot film for the first time. Sent off the film, got it back and fell in love. I cannot wait to switch to a Medium Format film camera. One of my goals for 2017. Buy and shoot with a medium format film camera.

Last but not least, my amazing couples (even my styled shoot couples.) Y'all are the reason 2016 was such an amazing year. My business just blossomed in 2016 and I couldn't be more grateful. I went back to some awesome venues, like L'abri at Linwood for Rachel and Brandon's wedding. Not to mention, they knocked it out of the park for their engagement session. Also, my many trips back to The Farm at Brusharbor. Such an awesome venue! AND always willing to share my work. Over and over and over again. Our styled shoots wouldn't have been as epic with out the hospitality of Overlook Barn and The Henry Connor Bost House. 

I had so many friends/clients get married this year. Jenny and Joey, Shannon and Josh, Brandi and Deshaun. All of my couples become my friends but some that started out as my friends, I am so happy for you all. 

2017 is going to start out slow for business life but personally, baby Eli will be here in May. We will be a family of four. Yay!!  I know Dawson can not wait for that day to come. He is already so anxious. Lots of travels and plans are coming for 2017 and I just can not wait. Not to mention so many amazing friends and family getting married this year!! 

If you are not pictured! I'm sorry!!! I tried to get everyone. I LOVE YOU ALL!! It was a year to beat, every session/wedding was amazing. Thank you to all my beautiful couples and thank you to all the awesome vendors that worked with me.