Ed and Ashleigh | Jekyll Island Wedding Photographer

There are no words to express how happy I am for this bride! We are best friends in the wedding industry. She worked my wedding and I am so happy to have worked hers. But was it really work? Ashleigh always does hair for all of my shoots and tags along just to help out where ever else she's needed. She's always been so supportive of my career.  She's been with her Ed for as long as I've been with mine. It's been great to see each other grow in this industry and I've loved watching her and Ed's relationship grow. I know she was excited to get me here to Jekyll Island because she knew I would be in love. WHICH I WAS! Driftwood beach was the most amazing place for this awesome couple to get married! You know what else is amazing? They decided to get married on a Monday. Why you ask? Because it was her grand parents 75th anniversary. There is no doubt in my mind that these two will also make it 75 years!