Real or Fake? Pros and Cons to your bouquet.

Happy Wedding Wednesday and Happy Valentines Day! Since it's V-day it's only appropriate for me to make a blog post all bout flowers right? Getting married and can't decide on whether to do real or fake flowers? Personally, I am all about real flowers but I know that isn't always budget friendly. Even if it they are budget friendly they don't last forever and who doesn't want their bouquet to last forever? 


Real - 

Pros: Real flowers add romance and an aroma to the day. 

Cons: If you are set on a specific flower yours may not be in season which may get expensive.



Tip: A colorful bouquet photographs so well. Don't be afraid of color.



Pros: If you are sentimental, you can keep your artificial flowers after your wedding day.


Cons: Artificial isn't always cheaper. Do research, fake flowers that look real can be costly. Get them on sale. 


Tip: Want a specific flower that's not in season? You can add the artificial version to your real bouquet for a mix of both.


Real -

Pros: There's nothing like a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers. A beautiful bouquet is the perfect accessory to the day. They can be used to style so many of your photos. 

Cons: They don't last as long as their faux counterparts. They can be dried if you are wanting to save them. 


Fake -

Pros: Crunched for time? Artificial flowers can be made a head of time and let's face it, thats one more task out of way.








Cons: Artificial typically doesn't look real up close.

Tip: Don't have the budget for real flowers? Talk to your florist about having vases on the reception tables to add the bridesmaids bouquets to for an instant centerpiece. 


More tips to get what you want:


Get creative

Make a paper flower or a broach bouquet.


Think unique

Add cotton blossoms, pine cones, an artichoke bloom, or a mini pineapple. Maybe even a bouquet entirely made of greenery. 


Save money

By giving your bridesmaids entire bouquets of filler flowers like baby breath, wax flower, or greenery. 


Creative Aunt or friend

Show them what you want and take them to Hobby Lobby when the blooms are on sale. 

Like some of the bouquets you see? Need florist recommendations? 

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