Spring Mini's 2018 | Why They Are So Important! | Professional vs. iPhone

I'm so Thankful for all of my returning clients! I really enjoy seeing you guys and how your families have grown.

I do these Spring Mini's for my clients. Past and present. I could charge more, give a certain amount of photos, and then charge you for the rest that aren't included. But I don't! I want to make having your photos done professionally EASY! We no longer live in the Era of JC Penney studio portraits or glamour photos. We live in the IPHONE ERA! You have to document this time in your life. This time in your baby's lives. You also have to print them. Print the moments. Because when your babies are 16 coming home with their first boyfriend/girlfriend you're going to want to have something to embarrass them with. You are also going want to have something to put in their wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow. For 2/3 of these sessions it was their first family photo together. With an iPhone there always has to be someone behind the camera. Sure, you can hand the phone off to a friend but is the quality the same? Mom, don't you want some photos with YOU in them too? I know you've read that viral post going around on FB about "Dad, these are the moments. We are constantly snapping photos of you with the baby's but you also need to be snapping photos of her with her babies, etc." Is that happening? Is he snapping pictures of you getting those open mouth baby kisses (view one of these further down in the post)? Or, the snuggles, cuddles, etc. Probably not. Well i'm here! All it takes is 20 minutes. Little Maddox woke up to having his picture taken. Do you think he wanted to do that? Nope, but he did it. We got beautiful photos in less then 20 minutes and bam he was done and on the way with his mommy to get a prize from the store.

Maddox is a mommy's boy and I think we really captured that yesterday. A time in his life Hannah will probably only have for a short time. Embrace it and capture it.

Thea is on the verge of her first steps. She's getting more courageous and standing on her own. It's also almost her first birthday. Again, a quick 20 and we documented every single one of those special moments. 

With Elea, her mom and dad prayed many nights for her to come into existence. Boy, is she a cute little nugget. This was their first family portrait since adding her to the family. 

Here are some iPhone vs. Professional side by sides. 

Can I just let them speak for themselves? Sure you could go in and brighten them up and add a filter but the quality for printing will NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!! be the same!