How to Get Your Wedding Featured!

How to Get Your Wedding Featured on a Wedding Blog/Magazine!

Okay, so you’ve started wedding planning. Now, you want to know how to make it an original, unique, and an amazing experience for your guests! I personally have had my own wedding featured and have had a quite a few editorial shoots picked up by publications. It’s all about the details and straying from tradition. Below I’ve lists some major factors to focus on when trying to get your wedding published.

The Details

When planning your wedding there is already a lot of focus on your details. Your ceremony backdrop, reception table center pieces, invitations, the list goes on. Making each one of these unique is very important when your goal is to get featured. Setting new trends.

Hiring an event designer will help immensely if this feels a little over whelming. Using tools like Etsy will also help! There are many creators on the their with unique items that you can add to your wedding. Macrame backdrops have become super popular. A trend I’m totally here for!!! A lot of those types of creators can be found on etsy.

If you don’t have it in your budget to hire an event designer, event rentals might do the trick! Finding unique pieces for your wedding like peacock chairs for your sweetheart tables. Or a unique vintage buffet for a dessert bar.

Pick a theme and stick to it!

This will help you not to go over board! For example the photo on the right was a minimalist fairytale theme. The venue had huge windows, and castle like features, except more modern. So we went minimal as to not upstage the venue. There is such a thing as too many details.

If your venue creates an extraordinary backdrop (mountain views, architectural details, etc), do something unique with your seating, or aisle. Feature rugs for your walk to your groom. It’s all about balance. Then instead of doing a ceremony backdrop, plan for a gorgeous cake backdrop.

Don’t forget about the little details as well! Invitations, boutonnieres, even your shoes. All of those things get photographed and wedding magazines love those little factors.

Venue: The Providence Cotton Mill

Venue: The Providence Cotton Mill

Pick the Right Photographer or the Right Publication

While wedding planning, you’ve probably found a few wedding blogs you love checking out for new trends and unique details. Did you know those wedding blogs/magazines have a style of photography they stick to when choosing submissions to feature? Also, a photographer that is featured regularly knows how to photograph your details in order to be picked up by a publication. For example, Style Me Pretty goes mostly for light and airy film photographers. They love the pretty pastels and film greens, etc. There are also blogs that only approve photos from moody photographers. They have a brand that they also like to stick to just like photographers.

If you already have your photographer chosen, talk with them about what wedding blogs might want to feature your wedding. Look at what the blogs have featured before. You don’t want to waste time submitted an upscale affair to a more DIY-minded blog. If your photographer has been featured many times they may have a blog they like submitting too or they may at least be able to guide you in finding the right one for you!

Venue: Thomas House and Garden in Colombia, SC.

Venue: Thomas House and Garden in Colombia, SC.

Check for permission

It might also be a good idea to let your photographer know you want to be a featured after you higher them.

You’ll also need permission to submit the images for publication or your photographer may even do it for you.

You Have a Love Story to be Told

Last but not least, make sure to tell the blog some details about you and your significant other! Take your time responding to the questions the blog asks. Your story is just that, it’s yours! And now is your chance to tell it. Tell them the details of how you got engaged, or the reason you fell in love, you’re favorite moment at your wedding. The list goes on. Give advice to other brides that are excitedly planning their weddings. Tell your story but also make sure to give all the details on why you chose your vendors.

Speaking of vendors, make sure to compile a list. Blogs want to know all of the vendors involved and their info. They may even have some questions for your vendors to answer.

I hope I’ve helped you find the recipe for success! You’ve got this.