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Joe and Amanda Get Married at Carolina Country Weddings

Joe and Amanda’s wedding day was one for the books. It rained off and on all day but that didn’t stop the happiness, sweet moments, and the beauty of their wedding. Carolina Country Weddings is a gorgeous farm venue with rolling hills and beautiful fields. The light from Amanda’s bridal session was absolutely gorgeous so I knew their wedding day, rain or shine, would be stunning. Besides their faith being represented their only goal was for their guests to have a wonderful time. Joe loves food and Amanda is obsessed with flowers. A couple after my own heart! Besides the colors they chose together, they both decided it was most important for them to get married in front of a cross. That beautiful cross was made by Amanda’s Dad. For their unity ceremony they decided to tie three cords together, uniting their marriage with God.

Amanda really loves flowers. Amanda and her mother re-did a beautiful buffet and filled it with flowers to hold their ceremony programs. Their planner, Melanie from Carolina Country Weddings, helped them decide on the beautiful center pieces and garlands. Chelish Moore filled Amanda’s bouquet with Amanda’s favorite flowers - peonies, cabbage roses, ranunculus, and silver dollar eucalyptus. Amanda and I agree that “you can never have to many flowers on a wedding day.” Their biggest concern was their guests. So instead of going with a photo both, they decided to do caricatures. It was so much fun to see guest’s reactions when they are saw their caricatures.

Their Most Anticipated Moments

Amanda and Joe were most excited for their first prayer. Amanda was also very excited to send her gifts to Joe. One of which was their brand new family Bible. I think Amanda’s love language is giving gifts. She was so thoughtful in the gifts she chose for Joe and her parents. She gave him a pair of baseball cufflinks which Joe absolutely adored. He even said “I love that woman” as he was opening everything.

Joe also loves going to yard sales with his best man, Joel. So why not go on your wedding day! They were able to make it to one church yard sale. They found some fun things like Ninja Turtle VHS tapes. Before they left they, Joe said that it was his wedding day and he was off to go get married. Everyone at the yard sale decided to surround Joe and Joel and pray over them and Joe and Amanda’s wedding day. How cool is that?

The Proposal

Joe planned a whole day for Amanda in Boone. This was their first trip together. I remember Joe telling me during their engagement session that it had been raining and it was cold. It was less than favorable conditions for a proposal but he was determined. Amanda said he told her to put on something nice that they were just going to make a day of it anyways. Amanda also said that it cleared up just as they went out onto Blowing Rock. He asked for a couple to take a picture of them. The skies were perfect and the picture was amazing. Joe asked them to take one more and just as they were going to snap it he pulled away from Amanda and dropped to one knee.

Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you put all your love into a special day or event and it rains. A lot of people are afraid of the rain but both on their wedding day and their proposal this sweet couple embraced it! Just like on the day of their proposal, the rain let up just in time for their bride and groom pictures. We were able to venture out into the beautiful venue they chose and take pictures in the fields.

Advice from the Bride and Groom:

We would both say that the best thing to do is hire an amazing wedding planner and day of coordinator! They help to take all of the stress off of you the day of. Also, delegate one person of your bridal party for all questions to be ask to. This way you are not getting hit with questions all day long. When planning the wedding remember that this is not your wedding or his wedding. This is both of your’s wedding and that it is a shared experience. Make sure that both of you get things that are important to you, and that you can see both of you present in the wedding day and decorations.
— Amanda


Venue: Carolina Country Weddings

Planner: Melanie from Carolina Country Weddings

Florists: Chelish Moore Flowers

Officiant: Jonah Bostian from Fusion City Church

Hair: Taylor Knowles with Taylormade Salon and Spa

Makeup: Jordan Johnson with Taylormade Salon and Spa

Caterer: The Smoke Pit

Wedding Cake: Sweet It Is

DJ: Generation X Mobile DJ Services

Dress: Hope’s Bridal Boutique