Clinton and Christine | Hilton Head Engagement Session | SC Wedding Photographer

Clinton and Christine’s Hilton Head Engagement Pictures

Y’all, scroll down one teeny scroll. Y’all see that cow? How cute is this little date night spot that Christine and Clinton found? When they told me that they visit the Frozen Moo often to grab some cones and walk around on date nights, I was so down! That ice cream was almooooost as sweet as these two.

Christine and Clinton are getting married later this year at Venue 1223. No bridal party, just them. I love that! So intimate and romantic. Just hearing them describe their plans for their wedding day to me, and how invested they are, not even financially (which I’m sure they are) but emotionally was just wonderful.

Can we talk about Christine’s jumpsuit? So cute! Perfect for Hilton Head in March. It was just the right length when walking around in the surf. Coligny Beach did not disappoint. It was warm, with a crisp breeze. I love how playful these two were in the water. It was pretty cold but that didn’t stop them from soaking up all that warm light! After meeting Christine and Clinton I am super anxious for their wedding. I know it’s going to be beautiful. After hearing their sweet proposal story, even if their wedding doesn’t go absolutely perfect, I know that they will still have the absolute best time!