1. Bring a Robe

Remember to bring a robe or a button down shirt to get ready in.

The main reason is for your hair and makeup! You don't want to smudge the master piece that they just created for you. Pack your bag the night before of all the things you need for the wedding day and grab it on the way out of the door in the morning. Order cute robes or monogrammed button down shirts for you and your bridesmaids a head of time. I personally left that as one of my the last things in the budget. If I had room for it, I would order them! And I did. I'm so happy I did too. They made for beautiful photos of my bridesmaids and I.


2. Hold that kiss!

Why, you ask? Well, just remember that their are people documenting your day. I personally like to grab a fully body kiss and have my second shooter grab a closer photo. This is the BIG MOMENT all of your guests are waiting to see. So if you're comfortable kiss a few seconds longer! While you're at it, kiss when you're going back down the aisle during the recessional. These can be the best photographs especially if your guests are throwing confetti or flower petals.


3. Send your photographer an invite!

This one is for before the wedding day but still a good one. Send your photographer your entire wedding day invitation, program, map, rsvp, etc. I always ask for my brides to bring it day of but if you forget at least I'll have one at home that I can photograph.


4. Bring a wooden hanger

Or a special one with "bride" on it. They just photograph so much better. It's easy to forget so don't worry if you do forget I will happily hunt one down. Sometimes I have one in my car too or I can find one in the venue.


5. Make a clutter corner

This goes back to getting ready. Make sure to have a corner for your bridesmaids to put all of their stuff. That way when I arrive and I want to photograph you getting into your dress everything is in one area and not scattered about.

Your wedding day will probably never be as organized as you want it to be but with some great vendors it can run as smoothly as possible. I will always do everything I can to help you prep and plan for the big day! After doing this for 8 years these are just some tidbits that help make the process run smoother. People are always going to be running late, you will forget stuff, but don't stress. The most important thing is going to happen and that is you saying "I do" to the person you love.