Katie and Max | Overlook Barn Wedding | Boone Wedding Photographer

Um, this is going to be long blog post. So grab a snack! Katie is originally from Florida and Max is from Indiana. They decided to get married in North Carolina because it was in the middle. Well, I couldn't me more happy that they did. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this beautiful day. From the start, as soon as I arrived, I was greeted with hugs from Katie. She may be little but she is such an awesome hugger.  I chatted with them as they got ready! One of the bridesmaid got a glimpse of Max before he got onto the elevator. She overheard him telling his mom that he couldn't believe he was marrying the woman of his dreams. Well, when she told Katie this, Katie's smile grew and her eyes watered. Their love is so vibrant. I enjoyed getting to know Katie and Max and their sweet families. Katie's Dad and sister were so accommodating. I hope this sweet couple has the best time backpacking in Europe. And even though they live so far away I do hope I get to see them again!!!