Taylor Newborn Lifestyle Session | Salisbury, NC Family Photographer

Little Blessings. I'm so happy for this sweet couple and their new baby boy! All I can say to Allison and Eric is to enjoy this time. Cherish it. It goes by way to fast and is gone before you know it. Enjoy the spit up, enjoy the sleepless nights, the baby napping during the Ohio game, breastfeeding (as hard as it may be), the doorbell ringing and making the dogs bark which wakes the baby... well maybe we won't enjoy that but soon this time will be over. Soon you'll have a toddler turning off the dish receiver while you're watching the game. So cherish those little blessings. Declan is the most precious thing. He's such a wonderful little nugget. He slept through almost the entire session which as a photographer is what we like to see! He was such a champ at being changed, moved, stripped naked, all the things and just remained so peaceful. I can't wait to see him grow. And can we talk about Allison? She's so gorgeous! She kept that pregnancy glow and turned it right into new momma glow! You get it girl! Congrats to this adorable little family!